Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recapping in 200 words or less

This seems to be about all I can do catch up. With Cory and I's busy summer schedule blogging gets moved aside for various other activites. I am sure when school starts back September 1st I will have a little time...maybe?? There are a few projects at work they want me to take who knows?? Where to start?? Well as most of you know Meredith, jumping, bean bags, and bedtime don't go well together. In fact, just writing that makes me shiver!! Meredith broke her humerus (and it was not funny) exactly 5 weeks ago tommorrow. She sported a purple cast for 3 weeks and has had it off for 2 weeks. Tommorrow we go for a check up to see how the healing has progressed. Pray that we will have a good visit. Although the arm is much less swollen and bruised and she uses it quite a bit, I am concerned about a knot that has developed at the site. Call me superficial, but I really am not excited about her having a lump on her arm forever...its gross. But I know in the bigger picture it could be so much worse and at least she can swim without her cast protector now. All kinds of fun stories go along with this adventure, but I really do not want to relive them now. In spite of the set back she has had a fun summer. We have been to the movies a couple of time and swam quite a bit. Being that we have a good bit of summer left there is lots of swimming to be had! I honestly did not take a whole lot of pics of her in the cast...I was just to preoccupied to stop.

We did get to spend some good times with our friends in Florida. Meredith got to know Natalie and Bailey alot better and they seemed to hit it off well. We are so blessed to have amazing friends.

Fourth of July was nice. We spent it with another set of awesome friends; grilled out and went out on the lake for the evening. The fireworks show was beautiful and we had front row seats. Meredith went down in the cubby as she was not impressed with the noise the fireworks made. Not to mention that she was tired...we were out for 5 hours was all great fun though and I hope we can squeeze in one more trip out before too long. There is so much to do in the summer time and not enough time.

Cory will be happy/sad that I am updating now, you see I have been very sick for 5 days now and he wants me to be in bed. I got up to go to church this am and he sent me back to the bed. I am feeling like today might be a good sign of improvement and it could not come at a better time. I have 24 hours to pack up my entire house for 2 weeks...yes that is what I said. And I better not forget anything or mom will have my backside. Tuesday, we are hoping to leave for Kids Kamp...that is Meredith and I. A sister church in NC will be hosting again this year a vacation bible school on Psalms. Meredith just cannot wait...she has been asking to go everyday!! Hard to explain time to a 3 year old. She knows she will get to see alot of her friends and do crafts. Not to mention singing...her favorite. They will have a show on Friday evening and Cory will join us there for that. She is our heart, as you can imagine, and we look forward to seeing her on the stage!! Then on Saturday we leave from NC and head to the beach for a week with my family. This is a new adventure for all of us to be able to rent a house at the beach together. I hope it goes well so that we can do this often. I know that Lord will bless it and I really look forward to alot of things, but mostly watching Meredith play in the sand, frying myself in the sun, and eating some seafood somewhere along the way. I tell you that is the life, and I feel very blessed that God has allowed us to be able to go this year.

Well I will close with this...prayer request. Good doctors visit and clean bill of health. Meredith really wants to start back to Gymnastics and soccer in September...and of course we want that for her too, but more importantly that she will be well. And clarity of mind to get everything in order for our wonderful trips drawing nigh....especially in the aftermath of being sick!! Until next time I will leave you with some pics....